2021 Soundtrap Creativity Challenge Winners

Here at Soundtrap, we know how creative students can be. Teachers always share the most incredible music and podcasts from their students and we are constantly impressed by their work. This year’s Soundtrap Creativity Challenge originated as an opportunity for students to create and share their creative projects from last school year. 

From July through September we asked teachers, from the Soundtrap community and beyond, to submit their students’ original songs or podcasts. We received submissions from students of all ages around the United States and were so impressed with all the work they created! Each work is unique and has its own perspective. We selected five winners ranging from elementary to high school who created podcasts and songs. Please join us in congratulating and celebrating these student winners!

Soundtrap Student Winners

Grades 3-5

The Surprise Spell
This song was based on emotions the student felt when watching an animated series called Kepo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts. We could see this student becoming a film composer! With it’s upbeat tempo and it’s great vocal effects, this song really takes you on a journey.

Grades 6-8 Podcast

Once Upon A GSES Day
This podcaster shared their great day from passing school tests to winning a football game! It was special to hear four friends discuss an exciting moment in their young lives.

Grades 6-8 Music

Pandemic Vibes
The pandemic has affected so many people and has been so difficult, but music can really capture our feelings and give us hope for the future. This student created a lo-fi style song about their pandemic vibes using a great driving synth loop to express the movement and changes throughout this pandemic.

Grades 9-12 Podcast

Antes Yo Era, Pero Ahora Soy
This podcast shows that creativity and great storytelling can come in any language! Antes Yo Era, Pero Ahora Soy (I Used to Be, But Now I Am) is such an incredible podcast theme! Students are growing and learning every day and especially during this pandemic and this podcast reflects the changes in this students’ life.

Grades 9-12 Music

Gaming in Space- MaLéna
From the beginning of this song, you are transported to a new world and the piece makes it seem as though you are gaming in space! This 8 minute piece is truly a musical masterpiece, with a variety of instruments and styles within well structured musical sections. And make sure to listen to the whole song to hear the most perfect ending!

We thank all the teachers and students for being creative and submitting their songs and podcasts with us. Continue creating!