Get Started with Soundtrap

A screenshot of a video with the player controls at the bottom. Above the controls is a person at the computer using Soundtrap for Education.

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Create groups
  • Add students
  • Share assignments
  • Integrate with learning management systems

Learning Management System Guides

Google Classroom

How to import students via Google Classroom

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How to integrate Soundtrap with ClassLink

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How to set up Soundtrap for Schoology

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How to integrate Soundtrap with your Canvas account

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Google Sync

How to Set up Google Sync

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MusicFirst Classroom

How to access Soundtrap in MusicFirst

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Add Students

Create Groups

In order to collaborate on a project or communicate within an EDU account, users must be in the same Soundtrap group. Teachers and students can be part of multiple groups and there is no limit to how many groups they can join.

Once you’ve created a group, you can

  • Invite students to join your new group.
  • Send a group message.
  • Send a direct message to a specific member in the group.
  • Delete the group or Rename the group.


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Import Students

Once you have created groups, you can add students and teachers. You will have multiple options available, depending on your preferences. To do so, click on the Add Students icon on the landing page or within a group.

You can choose to invite students by:

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Create Assignments

Creating an assignment in Soundtrap is simple! You can either create an assignment from your Projects tab or from within the Studio.

A screenshot of the Soundtrap Projects page. At the top right corner is an arrow pointing to the purple button labeled Create Assignment.


Once you’ve created an assignment, a folder with name and today’s date will be added to the list of your projects and your students’ work will be added to this folder once they’ve opened and saved the assignment.


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