Halloween SFX Project

Essential Outcome(s) Level(s)
Students will…

  • you’ll record a scary story and create a soundtrack based on that story – in honor of Halloween!
Adaptable for K-8
  1. Choose a story from this site. Don’t get too distracted choosing one, and make sure it’s not too long. It should be about a minute or so.
  2. Record the story into Soundtrap.
    1. Create a soundtrack based on the story. If there is a serene moment, there should be serene music. A frightening moment should result in scary music. 
    2. Good halloween sound effects reference
    3. Use a combination of loops, your own music recorded into ST, and SFX.
    4. Project assessment Rubric can be found here


Lesson Plan Submitted by Tyler Ehrlich. Tyler is the Associate Director of Bands at Centennial High School (Roswell, GA), where he is involved in instruction and administration of the concert bands, marching band, chamber ensembles, and music technology program. In addition to his responsibilities at Centennial, Ehrlich also serves as Associate Conductor of the Atlanta Wind Symphony. His website is tylerehrlich.com.

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