Prompts for Beat Making Using Soundtrap

Here are prompts for making beats. Making beats is not an easy task. There are so many sounds to choose from, and people always have difficulty finding the right one. That’s why we created a platform that offers music producers prompts for making beats. With Soundtrap, you can find the perfect sound in just a few seconds, and make your next hit beat in just minutes!

The following resource has been provided by the AMAZING Martin Urbach. Percussionist Martin (pronounced mar-TEEN) Urbach is a Latinx immigrant, educator, activist, and composer. His work in the classroom is based on facilitating liberated spaces for youth to fall in love with music and to promote social justice through music making. He is currently a doctoral candidate in music education at Teachers College, Columbia University. He holds a BA in jazz performance from the University of New Orleans, an MA in jazz arts from the Manhattan School of Music and an Advanced Certificate in Music Education from Brooklyn College. He teaches music and activism at Harvest Collegiate High School in New York City. When not teaching or performing, one can find Martin baking, eating chocolate chip cookies, and speaking in his Cookie Monster voice.

Download the prompts here