RecordEd: New Podcast Series Highlights Recording Arts in Education

What is RecordEd? Schools have been increasing access to recording arts technologies for the last two decades. This not only includes all age levels but in a variety of learning spaces like classrooms, after-school arts programs, school counseling programs, and juvenile detention centers. Spotify’s Soundtrap platform is one of the first web-based digital audio workstations (DAW) designed to support students in education by incorporating innovations at the intersection of transcription services and audio editing. While Soundtrap may be new to the recording arts in the education landscape, its popularity has grown. Educators across the US have worked to incorporate recording arts into education spaces for quite some time. Soundtrap partnered with 4 Learning, a learning solutions provider focused on best practices in recording arts. Together, we’ll highlight the extensive work and share teachers’ stories.

RecordEd: Recording Artists in Education

RecordEd Arts debuts today, September 22nd, 2021, as a five-part series. The RecordED Arts podcast narrates exceptional tales from practitioners engaging students in creative recording arts projects. Host Michael Lipset is the Director of Social Impact at 4 Learning. He holds a Ph.D. in hip-hop-based school change from McGill University and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Episodes occasionally feature Tony Simmons, the Executive Director of the world-renowned High School for Recording Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota. Each episode tells a different story of the recording arts in education and concludes with strategies on how to apply lessons taken from each episode with Soundtrap’s very own Education Specialist, Jostin Grimes. Season One of RecordEd Arts features stories on culturally sustaining pedagogy, school counseling, working with young people facing incarceration, and more. Be sure to check out Spotify for this exclusive podcast offering!