Celebrate Student Work at Our Virtual Summit

What is a virtual summit? Soundtrap for Education aims to host inspiring, informative summits throughout the year, featuring amazing speakers with practical, exciting ideas to share. The objective is always to help educators learn to empower students to carry their knowledge and vision into the future. This is where the virtual summit begins to shine.

Coming up next, join us on June 22nd for the Heart to Heart Summit,” a year-end event celebrating the fantastic work of teachers and students around the world. 

Last fall, we featured fantastic teachers and speakers showering us with classroom inspiration, followed in the spring by producers and an incredible keynote speaker showing us the practical applications of Soundtrap. Now, we’ll hear from a variety of educators giving quick, five-minute presentations on the best student work they’ve seen this year. 

We are particularly proud of this upcoming opportunity to showcase the magnificent culmination of work from Soundtrap teachers worldwide. We hope you’ll be blown away by the songs, podcasts, and stories created throughout the unique 2020-21 academic year. 

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Share with the educators in your world, and in the meantime, feel free to give us a shout on social using #SoundtrapEDUSummit.

See you at the Heart to Heart!

(Check out content from our previous summits, and don’t forget to register for the Heart to Heart Summit)