Soundtrap EDU Summit

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Heroes, Villains, and Epic Beat Battles: Engaging Students with Music

Students love popular music, movies and YouTube. Why not meet them in that world during music class? Educator LaFouji Alexander shares how he engages and inspires students in his music classes using Soundtrap. Major and minor chords become superheroes and villains. Students collaborate to create mixes of popular music. All the while, they’re developing their skills, learning to persevere through mistakes, and building relationships with classmates.


LaFouji Alexander

Director of Bands

Invest Collegiate Transform
Charter School

LaFouji Alexander is an accomplished music professional with more than 20 years of experience in education, music production, audio architecture, engineering, and mastering. He is Director of Bands at Invest Collegiate Transform Charter School in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was the director of the first digital band ever to play on the main stage of Disney World. He believes in student empowerment, active learning, embracing technology, and innovative teaching. It is his desire to bring a new and innovative way of teaching modern music, a dual curriculum approach of music and technology.

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