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A screenshot of a video with the player controls at the bottom. Above the controls is a person at the computer using Soundtrap for Education.

Get Started with Soundtrap

Learn how to integrate with learning management systems, create groups, add students, and share assignments in Soundtrap.

Learning Management System Guides


How to set up Soundtrap for Schoology

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How to integrate Soundtrap with your Canvas account

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Google Classroom

How to import students via Google Classroom

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Google Sync

How to Set up Google Sync

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MusicFirst Classroom

How to access Soundtrap in MusicFirst

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Create Groups

A screenshot of Soundtrap's Groups tab with a Test Group that has been created. There are two buttons at the top that read "Create Group" and "Join Group."

In order to collaborate on a project or communicate within an EDU account, users must be in the same Soundtrap group. Teachers and students can be part of multiple groups and there is no limit to how many groups they can join.

Once you’ve created a group, you can

  • Invite students to join your new group.
  • Send a group message.
  • Send a direct message to a specific member in the group.
  • Delete the group or Rename the group.
Groups Tutorial

Import Students

Once you have created groups, you can add students and teachers. You will have multiple options available, depending on your preferences. To do so. click on the Add Students icon on the landing page or within a group.

You can choose to invite students by:

Import Students


Create Assignments

Creating an assignment in Soundtrap is simple! You can either create an assignment from your Projects tab or from within the Studio.

A screenshot of the Soundtrap Projects page. At the top right corner is an arrow pointing to the purple button labeled Create Assignment.A screenshot of the Soundtrap Studio. At the top right corner is an arrow pointing to the purple button labeled Create Assignment.



Once you’ve created an assignment, a folder with name and today’s date will be added to the list of your projects and your students’ work will be added to this folder once they’ve opened and saved the assignment.

Assignments Tutorial

Need Lesson Ideas?

Good news! We now offer all Soundtrap educators detailed lesson plans to inspire new projects and refresh your classroom activities. These are created by teachers for teachers to make learning fun and relevant for all ages and abilities!

View all our Lesson Plans

Unit 1 - Soundtrap Basics

Getting Loopy

Students will create a composition using rhythmic, harmonic and melodic loops.

Adding Tracks

Students will demonstrate their ability to add software instrument tracks by creating a project with at least three tracks.

Create a Podcast

Students will create and publish a podcast designed to share an idea with a specific audience.

Unit 2 - First Day of Class

Me in a Minute

Students will create their own podcasts using Soundtrap , write a script for their podcasts and describe themselves and their talents.

Say My Name

Students will learn everyone’s name and increase social comfort. They will help build community by sharing a name that has particular significance for them. Students will also learn about the variety of cultures, identities, and histories that students bring with them to the classroom.

I Am Song

Students will recognize that each person has individual characteristics and talents, and that this variety of attributes contributes to building friendships as well as community in the classroom, school, and beyond through a created audio recording.

Soundtrap Basics

Account Settings


Soundtrap for Education has three default roles: owner, teacher, and student. The owner of an EDU account can customize the permission settings based on role types. If you need to change someone’s role, learn more here

Learn about Permissions


You might realize down the road that you need to buy more seats to your Soundtrap for EDU account. This is possible to do via the Account Settings tab if your current Subscription has been purchased via credit card. Please note that the instructions below can only be done by the Owner.

Note: If your EDU subscription has been purchased via bank/wire transfer, please complete this order form to receive an invoice for your additional seats. Make sure to enter “add more seats” to your current subscription when filling out the form. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact orders@soundtrap.com.