KQED & Soundtrap Partner to Amplify Youth Voice

Photo Credit: PJ Lindqvist

We have recently announced a new, unique partnership with public media station KQED in San Francisco that enables students across the nation to share their voices beyond their classrooms. Now, all teachers and students participating in KQED Youth Media Challenges will get a free license to Premium Soundtrap for Education through June 2022. Our service empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels. The partnership with KQED increases equitable access to digital tools and makes it easier than ever for any student to participate in making media.

“Our students had the opportunity to find their voice. Creating media with KQED empowered them to want to ask the important questions and talk about what’s most important to them. Audio recording was new for my students, and Soundtrap made it easy because they could simply log on and use it on their smartphones, rather than download a new application. Students were able to get a transcript of their recording which helps those who may have difficulties typing or reading their scripts aloud.”
–Leon Sykes, teacher at Fremont High School in Oakland, CA, participating in the KQED Youth Media Challenge.

Get involved!

KQED Youth Media Challenges provide middle and high school teachers with a set of standards-aligned media projects, for multiple content areas, that support students in key media literacy skills like narrative and argumentative writing, creative problem solving and media making. The Perspectives and Podcasting With The California Report challenges focus on audio production, while other challenges invite students to make video and graphics. Students submit their media projects to a public showcase hosted on KQED Learn. Selected student media submissions may also be aired by KQED or other public media stations across the country.

Register for the KQED Youth Media Challenge to receive further information on how to access the Soundtrap for Education platform so your students can start making media.

“KQED has an excellent reputation in the education space supporting teachers and students around media arts and Soundtrap is excited to partner to amplify that work. In coordination with KQED Youth Media Challenges, Soundtrap will make the tools available for all students to share their voice with the world.”
–Michael Bell, Head of Global Sales, Soundtrap for Education